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Municipal Operations and Utilities

The Municipal Operations department is responsible for the oversight, repair, and ongoing maintenance of transportation and utilities in our Town. This department liaisons with Administration staff to ensure all outside municipal issues and concerns are dealt with promptly. 

The department handles various duties, which change according to the season. Duties can include but are not limited to: 

  • responding to emergency calls regarding municipal operations issues,
  • all aspects of water and sewer distribution such as:
    • water treatment plant operations,
    • checking and maintenance of all sewer lift stations, lagoon systems, water wells, water fill station,
    • all water and sewer mainline breaks, 
    • water meter reading,
  • street sweeping,
  • dust control on gravel roads,
  • maintenance and prepping streets for asphalt or surface coatings, road crack sealing,
  • line/crosswalk painting, 
  • sign replacement and new sign installation,
  • sidewalk repairs,
  • snow removal and sanding/salting of residential roadways,
  • grass cutting of municipal property
  • spring/fall cleanup and all cleanup after a storm event,
  • maintenance of all municipal buildings including the Jubilee Sports Centre and Valley Aquatic Centre,
  • upkeep of all parks and outside recreational equipment including Ball Diamonds and Walking Trails,
  • transfer station operations,
  • transit operations, and
  • much more.

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