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Application for Water Meter

  1. Water and Sewer Bill to Be Forwarded to:
  2. Would you like to receive your utility bills by email?
  3. Connection Fee $10
  4. The following is applicable to dog and cat owners: A license and tag can be purchased at the Town Office, annual fees apply.
  5. I hereby apply for the installation of a water meter and agree to pay a deposit to be refunded to me, if and when the service is permanently disconnected and the water account charged to me has been paid.

    I further agree to pay all water and sewer accounts within 30 days of receipt of same; otherwise, water service may be discontinued without notice.

    Attention renters: By signing this form you are giving permission to disclose amounts owing to the property owner and/or giving permission for a copy of the utility bill to be sent to the property owner. Property owners will be advised of any delinquent bills.
  6. Rates
    1) 5/8-inch meter $100
    2) 3/4-inch meter $150
    3) For commercial users, if average utility billing is greater than Number 1 or Number 2 above, then $300 (such as restaurant)
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