Animal Services

Pet Licensing

Pet licenses are valid for one year and must be renewed annually. There is a base $250 fine for not licensing a dog or cat over 4 months old.

Payment Methods

Pet license purchases and renewals can be done:

                ONLINE using the online form on this website then submitting the required fees through your online banking bill payments using your utility account,
                 IN PERSON at the Town Office located at 710 Railway Avenue

License Fees  

Cat not spayed or neutered$30Dog not spayed or neutered$40
Cat under 12 months old$15Dog under 12 months old$20
Cat spayed or neutered$15Dog spayed or neutered$20
Replacement Cat or Dog Tag$ 5

Additional Information

For compete information regarding pet licences, regulations, fines etc., please look through the following bylaw:

Animal Control Bylaw 2018-11