Area Attractions

The Town of Rosthern not only offers great recreational and cultural opportunities within the community, it is also surrounded by an extremely rich histroy which provide visitors many destinations to visit within the area.





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Please use the chart for more information on just a few of our surrounding attractions.

Destination Distance 
Batoche  23km  Rosthern to Batoche
Duck Lake Murals 21km  Rosthern to Murals
Duck Lake Interpretive Centre  21km  Rosthern to Interpretive Centre
Eb's Trails 25-30km  Rosthern to Ebs
Fort Carlton Provincial Park 45.5km  Rosthern to Fort Carlton
Mennonite Heritage Museum -  Rosthern Mennonite Museum
Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine 30km  Rosthern to Lady of the Lourdes
Seager Wheeler Farm 8.8km  Rosthern to Seager Wheeler
Station Arts Centre  -  Rosthern Station Arts Centre
Valley Aquatic Centre -  Rosthern Valley Aquatic Centre
Valley Regional Park Rosthern  3.9km  Rosthern to VRP Rosthern
Valley Regional Park Waldheim  26.6km  Rosthern to VRP Waldheim



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