Permits and Applications

In accordance with the Town of Rosthern Bylaw No. 2011-10, any person intending to construct, erect, later, repair, renovate, demolish, relocate, remove or change occupancy of any building within the Town of Rosthern, is required to apply for a building/development permit.

Is a Permit Required? 

Building Permit Applications:

Addition or Renovation Attached Garage
Basement Commercial/Industrial
Deck Detached Garage
New House  


Other Applications:

 Development Permit  
 Demolition Request Discretionary Use Application
 Minor Variance Application Parking on Street Application
 Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application Dog/Cat Registration Form


Residential Detached Garage Information


By applying for a building permit you will ensure that:

1) The construction, as proposed, will meet the National Building Code standards and municipal zoning requirements.

2) Your project meets minimum structual, fire, health and safety building standards as legislated by the Province.

 Building Inspections

The Town of Rosthern has contracted Dale Wagner Inspection Sevices to do all plan reviews and building inspections on behalf of the Town. Dale Wagner can be reached at:

Mobile Phone: 306 241 4741
Phone: 306 225 2265
Fax: 306 225 2196