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The Rosthern Public Works & Utilities Department works hard to ensure that the community is supplied with clean drinking water, sewer systems are running, roadways are cleared and in good repair, and that countless other services are operating at peak performance within the community.

The Rosthern Public Works Department town crew works relentlessly under the guidance of our Town Foreman to ensure that residents of the may live their lives with limited disruption.

The Town of Rosthern is known for its fresh refreshing water which is piped in from an aquifer North East of the community. All water clarification and treatment takes place at the Rosthern Water Treatment Plant, and is sent on its way to all businesses and residential locations throughout the municipality.

Rosthern Wastewater is piped through a force main to a 3 stage lagoon treatment facility east of the community

Please view the following regarding water quality of the community


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