Town office


Dennis Helmuth

Chief Administrative Officer

Nicole J. Lerat

Public Works Manager

Owen Green

Economic Development

Nicole J. Lerat

Recreation and Community Development Manager

Vanessa Atkins


The Town of Rosthern is governed by a town council comprised of one mayor and six councillors that are elected for four-year terms. Three standing committees of Council are established to work with specific matters relating the operation of the community: Finance and Administration, Public Works, and Parks and Cemeteries.

Town Council appoints interested members of the community to various boards and committees. These committees and boards work toward enhancing the services and quality of life of the community. These committees are: Rosthern Transit Committee, Rosthern Recreation Board, Tourism Committee, Library Board, Economic Development Committee, Waste Management Committee and the Valley Regional Park Board. Council also makes appointments to other active organizations as requested. The members of these committees work as volunteers and many volunteer hours are clocked in the performance of their duties.




Statistics: (Selected Statistics from 2016 Federal Census)
Poplulation (2016): 1,688
Population percentage change, 2011-2016: 7.4%
Land in square kilometers (2016): 4.31