Bylaws & Policies

The Town of Rosthern enforces bylaws in effort to keep the community, safe, clean and a positive place to live. The following are a list of some of the frequently requested bylaws.  For a hard copy of these bylaws, or for more information, please contact the Town of Rosthern Office at 306-232-4826.


The following bylaws are currently under review:

Bylaw 2020-06 Amend Zoning Bylaw

Bylaw 2020-07 Amend Zoning Bylaw

Clarification on the Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendments


The Town of Rosthern takes all efforts to keep this data as accurate as possible. Please refer to the date located at the top of each page for the most current version. This data is for reference purposes only. Please contact the Town of Rosthern if you are intending to use this data for legal purposes. Please do not copy and disseminate this information without the consent of the Town of Rosthern administration.

When using the information contained herein, the original Bylaws should be consulted for the purpose of interpretation and application of the law.

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